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Writing in the Time of Covid • Spring 2020

Writing in the Time of Covid • Spring 2020



The POEMS in this SOUNDSCAPE were written during the Covid lockdown as a way of keeping in touch with the members of our group and a way of recording our feelings and thoughts by making poems together. To read the poems, click here

Each acrostic was written by 5 people by members of Wimborne Community Theatre, each line beginning with the letters of the word ‘Covid’.  The focus was ‘in the time of Covid’.  After writing a line each person sent it to the next person, and so on.  Finally, each piece was recorded by the person who wrote the first line.

The soundscape was created by Adrian Newton, using recordings made in his garden (the dawn chorus, Thursday clapping, etc.) for a Silent Cities global project.

Writers are:     Tuppy Hill, Lynn Davy, Adrian Newton, Stewart Bullen, Sue Bullen, Charlie Williams, Dave Arkell, Barbara Brann, Barbara Hart, Hannah/Eva Small, Tam Gilbert, Jeff Hart, Viv Miller , Marion Leatherdale, Tony Horitz, Clare Small, Gill Horitz

Photograph: Gill Horitz