Anthem for Old Road, a poem by Gill Horitz

Anthem for Old Road, a poem by Gill Horitz

Through the doors and down the path
Through the gate and down the road
the Loaders and the Barrows went
the Harveys and the Gollops went
the Rossiters, whose sons
left home so daringly.

The postman brought letters from boys
he knew.  “What are they telling us?”
as through the letter box they fell
of number six and number twelve
of number ten and eighteen
as parents in the living rooms

read their news, not knowing…
what was unspoken of, not knowing
who, who, who will not come back
here, where we walk down the same road,
passing the roses, the light
on the windows, thinking, “This door,
this path, this gate, this hearth
this old road remembers
the Loaders and the Barrows
the Harveys and Gollops and
the Rossiters, remembers
their sons leaving home so daringly.”

Owen and Charles
Arthur and Harold
Ernest and William
Frederick and Ralph…

© Gill Horitz, 2016


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