Audience Thoughts on Woods

Audience Thoughts on Woods

At the end of the final scene which took place in a wooded clearing around a fire, the audience were asked to write their thoughts or memories about woods and hang them on a small tree.  Here are their thoughts:

No words or actions can match the mystery of a tree and as each one tree grows alongside, the majesty is increased many many times over; so precious is a wood on the edge of town spreading the words of peace and lasting love and hope for the future

We walked these wood a hundred times but tonight I saw them for the first time.

An open heath, a fringe of woodland, a clear flowing stream, kingfishers, newts, stickle bats.  Protect us.

I love green spaces – particularly trees, as I find them peaceful and nurturing.  I love the birds of spring, the insects of summer, the leaves of autumn and the shadows of winter.  I love the beauty of Dorset.

Leave nothing but footprints.

A truly magical walk.  The perfect atmosphere – such beautiful music and captivating stories.  Memories of climbing trees on the common opposite my grandparents’ house.

We must not lose our woods.  Thank you for this journey.

Enlightening – stay with the woodland spirits.

Secrets of the wood, echoes, peace, beauty in nature, lost in a dream of calm, mysterious, the voices of nature and ghosts.

Woodland dream. Dappled light, dark and light in equal measure.  Noises of life, birds, the cuckoo, woodpecker and owl.  The rustle of leaves swaying in the wind, falling. . .  dark – then life.

The smell of wood smoke and I’m 12 again, at guide camp all those years ago.

The amazing sound of sap rising; learning the railway once ran here; that massive oak tree.  I shall remember all these and more.

 Hugging trees is good for the soul…and the trees!

The chance to slow down and play in my woods.  Thank you!

The place of our ancestors whose voices still echo in the flowing stream, the rustle of the leaves and the songs of the birds; beneath our footsteps lay the memories of Birth and Death, of those who laid this path for us in our woodland floor.

Wonderful!  I’ll never see these woods the same again! We love Leigh Common.

The jockey’s gone!  The horses fled that grazed beside the stream. 

The ‘Horse and Jockey’ gone.  Last round rang the bell.

Time to pause and reflect on the past and especially protecting the future of the area (not just walking dogs and photographing bugs!)

Serene magical place.  Home for women who run with the wolves’ connection.  Thank you. Jo.

A place of growth and serenity; a lovely community play. Thank you.

Loved the sounds, smells of magic of the woodland.  The cast performed wonderfully.

These woods are truly magical.  Thank you to the green man and fairy folk.

Harmony with the trees – life goes on.

Wild woodland
Odours – for everyone

I enjoyed the sounds and smells of the beautiful woods

Fabulous soundscapes – very evocative.  Musical delights all the way through.  Bravo WCT.

I frequently walk in these woods with my dog.  It would be lovely in future to have the headphones in order to hear the magical sounds and birdsong.

I had fun acting in the play

I have been coming here for many years – it is one of the jewels of Colehill and very much valued by its residents.  KD

I love the warmth; I love the safety, the joy of free expression. I love the company and interblending of communication, of leaves and wigs, buds and moss, flowers and roots, of all of us as we bend to our inner landscape and share together no matter our journey. No matter the past, our grievances or hurts, no matter our present, our cultivation of thoughts and reams, those beautiful creations of feelings from a smoking fire pit, a sensitive soul in many a form, in many a style, all eternally worthy.

Dens and stories.

Such a place should be preserved for everyone forever.

Beautiful music and sounds and voices.  So atmospheric.

Stay with me, oh lovely oak.  I love you very much.  You hug me as I hug you.  We nurture each other.  I breathe you.  You breathe me!

 Being on this tour reminding one of how disconnected from nature our lives have become and how a simpler life has been forgotten.

May the wood be preserved forever and never built on.

May the history of woodland continue to be told.  Thank you WCT.

Climbing trees as a child.  Peaceful, green, old oak trees, seasons changing.

 I first went to school up a hill into the forest. We went for many walks amongst the primroses, the bluebells.  At break time, we played there too through all the seasons.  Magic!

Didn’t even know this forest was here.  This really brought it to life and I look forward to returning.

What history
does the rowan see
And ancient oak
Doth ride the sea
In history.

Leaves have beauty in all these forms – with colour and their flutterings.  Woods are mysterious, dark, light and beautiful.  Lovely performance here at Bytheway.

Birdsong at twilight;
high up in summer treetops,
buglers and songsters
On green boughs in the glade
Bringing memories of a dear Dad
On Father’s Day.
Thank you, enchanting.

Remembering other walks in other woods.  Uncle Joey.

The memory of Eve Dennis who fought to restore Leigh Common for nature and for us to enjoy.  She has since left Wimborne but her work here is greatly to her credit.

I walk here regularly with my dogs.  Now will have a special magic.  Saw it with different eyes through your story.  Loved it.  Thank you. The children were amazing!

I remember ‘The Enchanted Wood’ and ‘Tales of the Faraway Tree’ that entranced my daughter and brought her to the joy of reading and literature

Sounds and sights in a woodland glade
Free from certainty
Free from strife
Bring harmony to love and life

Everything of and about life can be found in a wood.

No wonder trees were worshipped, forest bathing is not new.

Beautifully ethereally steeped with folklore, memories, secrets that our trees see, hear, hold for us lest we forget their magic, peace, healing, beauty, stillness and hope.  Wise old owls, love and fairy protection.

Time as a child, hidden in the grasses amongst the trees brings you to yourself and to life.

Peace; beauty; calm

Love woodland and it will love you back for a lifetime.

Beautiful trees; nature safeguarded forever.

Birdsong in the shifting dappled light.

The small things are the big things.

Bio diversity.

Woodland picnic

Evokes memories of childhood joy!  Good thoughts. .

A glimpse of time past.

Sounds of the wind in the trees and the birds

A magical place

As a child we used to be scared of a wood because there was a story of a mystical man living there  (Germany)

Trees give life to us, very important to preserve the trees.

The peacefulness of the forest, being amongst nature without distractions.

Climbing trees.

Very peaceful; sometimes we need to stop and listen to the nature.

Loved the story, great writing for the songs and monologues.

So atmospheric.

Birdsong, wood smoke, very peaceful.

Woodland flowers, anemones, bluebells rhododendrons, daffodils.

Our lives can continue with our stories and dreams

As long as there are trees.

I like Pete; the cast setting is all perfect.

Forest school fires; a circle of children talking

Healing and peaceful.

From stumps and mulch
Much may grow if you add creativity.

Such a beautiful special place, feels like another world her under the trees.

Trees – history alive.

Green all around me, leaves rustling in the wild, birds welcoming us.  Safe space!

Birdsong and sunlight through trees.

I love the way the performance gave our local wood a sense of history and timelessness.

A birthday party in the woods – son aged 8 – fire and building dens.

Creative, fertile, surreal – the story, the play of woodlands.  Thank you.

A magical performance; woods tell stores; dark, damp smells.

Lovely thought provoking play.  I hope it wasn’t true that an application has been made to de-register the woodland as common land.  How nice it would be to still have the railway.

Takes me back to my childhood, playing safely in the woods.  Happy days. Long may the woods remain.

This is my new favourite place.  Thank you for helping me find it. 

The sunlight through the leaves.
The water between the trees
The birds singing in the trees

Very good performance and very well timed by all the actors, they should all be very proud of them selves.  Very good and enjoyable.

The quivering leaves of aspens.

So magical to spend the evening in this enchanted forest.

I love the ways the trees give homes to so many birds, insects and plants in so many ways.

Fresh green leaves in the spring; crunchy brown leaves in the autumn; beautiful in every season.

The joy of being outside and the power of nature.  And aren’t trees lovely?

Great to be part of the journey through the woods through the ages.  Thank you for the opening up the greenness and the special feelingin the woods.

Mystical secrets in twisted twine.

Very innovative and imaginative.

The lovely music that was played.  Nature at its best.  (Gena  93 years young).

Running through the woods as a child, having no cares.

Leafy shadows from sun shining through layers of leafy boughs.

The story of the woods came alive; always protect the power of story as brilliantly as the Wimborne Community players

 Nature, peace, shade and solace –

Remembering New Forest rambling, Brewers cottage, Hengistbury Head.

The beauty of the woods came alive tonight.  The spirit of the trees shone through the hearts and souls of the wonderful Wimborne Community players.

The rough leaves of the elm I climbed as a boy.





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