Creative Mapping Workshop on November 24th

Creative Mapping Workshop on November 24th

At the workshop on November 24th, WCT members explored ideas about the meaning special places have for us as individuals, globally and locally, and why.

From the wilds of Antartica to the clear waters of the River Allen, we each revealed a particular memory.

This process of creative mapping is the first stage in planning themes and ideas in the development of the next production. We will be making a funding application for the new project in 2020.


WCT Fundraising

WCT Fundraising


Quiz Evening 

Around 50 people attended the Quiz Evening at Colehill Sports and Social Club on November 6th and over £300 was raised for WCT funds. Thanks to everybody who came along to support us and, particularly, to Jeff and Tony for acting as quizmasters, Stewart for raising lots of money in the raffle and Clare for co-ordinatiing the food and producing a delicious buffet.

See you all on Wednesday 11 November next year – same place – same time.

Our next fundraising events will be…

Skittles Evening 

It’s back in a new venue!
WCT’s fun Skittles Evening is on Wednesday 12 February 2020
at Colehill Sports & Social Club, 108 Wimborne Rd, Colehill, Wimborne BH21

With a fish and chip supper and a raffle.  Licenced bar available.

More details soon.

WCT Summer Fundraiser

on Friday June 26, 2020
More details to follow – save the date



Looking Forward to 2020 & Beyond

Looking Forward to 2020 & Beyond
Millstream Theatre and Wimborne Community Theatre’s joint workshop on Saturday November 9 explored objects for the Revival part 2 production at the Priest’s House Museum in July.

Amazing what you can do with a mosaic      fragment and a Victorian camera!



If you missed it, catch up at our next session on Sunday afternoon November 24th. Everyone welcome!


Sunday, November 24, afternoon only  1 – 4 pm (Methodist Hall)

A session to explore new ideas for a new project, with new themes and new location.

Members’ Christmas Party on Friday 20th December from 7.00 pm

Keep the date free!  This year the party will be at Jeff & Barbara’s house,
39 New Borough Road, Wimborne BH21 1RB.

All members and partners are welcome.  More details nearer the date.

Revival Theatre events at PHM

Revival Theatre events at PHM

‘Echoes of the Past’, 2019 was commissioned by Emma Ayling, Director of the Priest’s House Museum and Gardens (PHM), to produce two commemorative events: one for the closing of the museum in June 2019 (Echoes of the Past), and one for the opening celebrations in 2020.

‘The Revival Project marks the next phase of the history of this Grade II* listed building, which has been standing in Wimborne for over 500 years, and ties in with the vision of the Museum’s founder Hilda Coles ‘…A ‘live’ museum – a centre of education and culture, continually changing its displays and appealing to children as well as adults’.

Our Revival Project will transform the access and facilities of the museum, provide some fantastic opportunities for volunteers in the coming months, and ensure the area’s heritage is shared more widely than ever before.”

 The Revival Project is being made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund with partnership funding from charitable Trusts and Foundations, local councils and businesses and the community.  Emma Ayling

For more information about Revival:

2020: WCT is beginning research and development of a second theatre event to commemorate the opening of the museum in 2020.


A Sheep Fair by Thomas Hardy

The day arrives of the autumn fair,
And torrents fall,
Though sheep in throngs are gathered there,
Ten thousand all,
Sodden, with hurdles round them reared:
And, lot by lot, the pens are cleared,
And the auctioneer wrings out his beard,
And wipes his book, bedrenched and smeared,
And takes the rain from his face with the edge of his hand,
As torrents fall.

The wool of the ewes is like a sponge
With the daylong rain:
Jammed tight, to turn, or lie, or lunge,
They strive in vain.
Their horns are soft as finger-nails,
Their shepherds reek against the rails,
The tied dogs soak with tucked-in tails,
The buyers’ hat-brims fill like pails,
Which spill small cascades when they shift their stand
In the daylong rain.

Time has trailed lengthily since met
At Pummery Fair
Those panting thousands in their wet
And woolly wear:
And every flock long since has bled,
And all the dripping buyers have sped,
And the hoarse auctioneer is dead,
Who ‘Going – going!’ so often said,
As he consigned to doom each meek, mewed band
At Pummery Fair.

Recording Noises at the Museum

Recording Noises at the Museum

Sound artist, Adrian Newton, worked with WCT recording banging doors, squeaking floorboards, pacing footsteps and generally improvising sounds and voices around the Priest’s House Museum. From this, Adrian will create a soundscape to form one of the elements of the theatrical collage ‘Echoes of the Past’ to be performed on June 5th – 7th at the museum.

Adrian has worked with WCT on many  site-specific productions and helped us experiment with and develop our use of sound considerably.  Read more about Adrian’s work with WCT.

See photos of the session here…