Autumn Workshops 

Autumn Workshops 

The 3 workshops run through the autumn of 2017 explored the themes and materials being developed for BytheWay through music, movement and sound.

On 28th September Karen Wimhurst led us in creating music for songs  written by members of the group.  We also learnt a new skill – using our bodies as musical instruments to develop a body percussion piece.  For those of us not confident in singing this made us all feel like musicians!

The movement workshop, led by Jasmine Taylor on 19th October, turned us all into navvies working on the railway line which used to run along the top of the BytheWay Field.  We hope to use the choreographed piece of co-ordinated movement in the production later this year.

And finally on 23rd November, Adrian Newton introduced us to the headphone sets we will be using in the production.  We recorded a selection of BytheWay sounds and words and were amazed at the high sound quality and very atmospheric effects we produced.


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