Barbara Hart

Barbara HartI’ve been part of WCT since the beginning.  When we first got involved it was a great thing to do as a family and our three children always had parts in the plays and enjoyed working with the other children.  I think WCT has had a lot to do with their continuing interest in the Arts – they are all keen theatre-goers.  One became a drama teacher and another works in Sound Design and has come back several times to work with WCT as an adult.

I’ve done some acting in the past but I enjoy making theatre in this way much more than the traditional approach of putting on a scripted play.  We’re a very inclusive group and I like joining together with people from different backgrounds and generations to work on something creative and being part of the process through which the final production evolves.  Working outdoors and exploring different locations is a real plus, particularly as we delve into how we can make the environment speak to the audience through the play.

I worked in education until recently and found WCT a very good way of switching off – you get very immersed in it.  Since I retired I’m enjoying having more time to give to the group – I’m a member of the steering group and also write the monthly newsletter to keep members and supporters in touch with what we’re doing.

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