Jean Austreng

Jean Austreng

Jean in her debut with Wimborne Community Theatre as ‘Alicia Paynter’, the wise woman of Cowgrove

Jean joined the group recently after seeing ‘The Great Rinsing’ and has been asking herself why she gets so much enjoyment out of Wimborne Community Theatre:

Why Do We Do it?

To perform outside, in the town square, with everybody looking,
that appointment with the head-shrink all the sooner will need booking.
Why fellow actors, do we put ourselves through this?
Bearing souls in public, surely we could give a miss!

We read to know we’re not alone, as Shakespeare lets us know
that those same feelings we have now, existed long ago.
He said our lives are but a stage, so it’s neither here nor there
If some decide to act it out in Wimborne’s New Town Square.

The ups and downs of all our lives, emotions we have known.
Can we put this into words and make a play alone?
Of course there is great guidance here of people trained in art.
How lucky I should find this group and, more than that, take part.

To put emotions into words and act it out with feeling.
I’ve wanted to do that for years, the truth now I’m revealing
And then of course the bonus point, the gravy on the top
When the audience is with you, ah, that means such a lot.
So the reason that we do it folks, is really plain to see
‘Tis the fellowship, the action, and the great camaraderie.

by Jean Austreng

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