Jeff Hart

Jeff HartI joined Wimborne Community Theatre around twenty years ago and have loved being part of the group. It has been great to work at a wealth of venues and with so many different communities of people. I work in education and have worked with some of the schools that have taken part – the children will never forget their involvement. It has been good for me to undertake something very different from the day job and to work towards a polished production. I chair the Steering Group now which is something someone has to do!

My favourite production? I have really relished working at Kingston Lacy on some of the very big productions some time ago. It was amazing to involve around a hundred people on the show and all work towards a common goal. The more recent Great Rinsing was most enjoyable – my wife and I shared a scene and one of our children did the sound. In fact, all three of our children have been involved in the group – they look back on this with fondness and good memories!

I also love the way we work – slowly amassing material and then sorting all this into a logical and artistic layout. When members of the group are saying or singing lines you have written – that’s a great feeling. Composing songs or scenes with others is a very enjoyable, collaborative experience and rehearsing over a long period of time is lovely. The members of the group are all fantastic – none of us fights for the bigger parts – we all want to be fully engaged but not have loads of lines to learn!

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