Echoes of the Past • 2019


‘Echoes of the Past‘ was a promenade theatre event created to mark the closing of the Priest’s House Museum in preparation for the next phase in the building’s history. Research by WCT spanned many centuries and focussed on Hilda Coles, the founder of the  museum and the many people who have passed through its doors from the streets of Wimborne – gentry, customers, servants, volunteers and friends.

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About the Production

After the first scene in the Shop, the audience were led simultaneously around the empty museum in three or four groups, visiting five locations to experience imagined moments in time throughout the building’s long history.

IN THE SHOP the Voices of the Building spoke to the assembled audience, including
Animations by students from St Michael’s Middle School, Wimborne working with Alastair Nisbet from ScreenPlay
BY THE STAIRCASE • 2019 & 1918: we saw a Volunteer and a trainee Volunteer and the ghost of Hilda Coles, aged 11 years.
IN THE STATIONERY SHOP • 1880: the audience heard a soundscape of voices and sounds through headphones, relating to the strange story of eccentric stationery shop owner, John Lowe.
IN THE PARLOUR • 1776, we witnessed wool and silk mercer, Elizabeth King, meeting Betty Gulliver, wife of smuggler, Isaac Gulliver.
IN THE GARDEN • 1940, we overheard Hilda Coles telling her parents Blanche and Tom, about her plans to join the War effort, as an ambulance driver.
IN THE KITCHEN • 1891 & 1961, around the old cast iron hearth, Millstream Theatre acted out the story of shop-keeper, Ralphe Lowle (20th century), Hannah Bartlett (19th century), and other servants who worked in the kitchens.
FINALE IN THE SHOP • 1960 & 2019: in the final scene George Watson, Chair of Wimborne Historical Society, welcomed guests with a glass of sherry, as Hilda Coles, handed over the keys to Emma Ayling and developers, Greendale.

Dates:  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, June 5, 6, 7, 2019.
Venue:  The Priest’s House Museum, Wimborne
Home  Priest House Museum Logo  The production received funding from the Priest’s House Museum through the Heritage Lottery Fund

Archive materials

The following items from Echoes of the Past are currently being stored in our materials archive.  Click here to view.

1.  Sounds
2.  Photos
3.  Evaluations
4.  Research – Museum Guide/Historical Timeline/Characters/Press Cutting
5.  Creative Responses to the Research – Mind Maps/Notes/Ideas/Craft Workshops
6.  Script
7.  Programme
8.  Poster
9.  Video


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