Exploring space and story • 2014

Exploring space and story • 2014

Claire Raftery and Damian Wright, of Periplum, led two sessions in March and April 2014, exploring the indoor spaces of Church House, and locations around the Minster, bringing to life research material collected by WCT.

Tony Horitz, wrote:
It’s rare for me to have the opportunity to play and devise with a group, rather than having the responsibility to plan and facilitate activities overall. As in the first session, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was great to see how quickly strong images relating to the subject matter of the Great War came into focus.

I think a real strength of Periplum’s approach is how they guide participants through structured games and exercises into work that has the potential for performance and is fully grounded in the preliminary activities. They provide you with the tools, show you how best to use them and then leave you to shape the work yourself. This is both empowering and accessible for experienced participants as well as people new to this kind of approach.

In our May workshop, Periplum worked with us on developing a  World War One Letter Trail as a method of linking scenes in different sites and involving the audience.


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