Group Poems • Writing In the Time of Covid

By: Tuppy Hill, Lynn Davy, Adrian Newton, Stewart Bullen, Sue Bullen, Charlie Williams, Dave Arkell, Barbara Brann, Barbara Hart, Hannah/Eva Small, Tam Gilbert, Jeff Hart, Viv Miller , Marion Leatherdale, Tony Horitz, Clare Small, Gill Horitz

Constantly buzzing busy bees,
over and over they thrum,
victims of deforestation.
I will plant them more flowers.
Dancing will reveal their location

Tuppy, Gill, Tony, Lynn, Adrian

Contrails cancelled, calm cloudless cerulean,
oceans of oxygen,
vivid voices vocalised in trees,
in the willow, in the wind.
Down below we watch, wait.

Lynn, Adrian, Tuppy, Gill, Tony
Ceasing making any sound at all
outside and inside.
Very hushed, while the bird
I spot in the buddleia
darts away as I reach for my camera.

Adrian, Tuppy, Gill, Tony, Lynn

Can anything be the same, after this thing has done its worst and
left the world to mourn?
Or will those left move on, untouched, unswerving from their former
Victims increasing, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute?  As we become
numb to the pain
I look to myself for strength and resilience, as we know these times will pass.
Dare to believe that we will survive, more compassionate and closer than ever.

Stewart, Sue, Charlie, Dave, Hannah

Can we use this time to create a better world?
One where care is more than just a badge.
Values and viewpoints as the world turns
into a new light, where the still small voice is heard.
Dream equality.  Respect for all.  Watch,
love and act the dream to life.

Barbara B, Tony, Gill, Stewart, Sue

Can I say this now?
On every side we seem beset with fools,
veiled reassuring smiles dripping with duplicity, dead eyes.
Inside our heads we peer out on to the new blooms of spring,
dazed, confused as to what a post-hibernation world might be.

Gill, Stewart, Sue, Charlie, Dave

Clear blue skies in a world out of joint seem wrong​
or see it differentl­y, how they stretch light over this unco­mmon spring.
Visions of a future less sure than the easy certainties of a time just past
infuse the day with colour, light the dance of bluebells and bright leaves.
Dependent on the will of others, we turn inward.

Tony, Gill, Stewart, Sue, Charlie

Curious these calm sunlit days shot through with threads of fear.
Opportunities all around us,
very closely to look anew at the world in which we live.
In every window rainbows give us strength.
Drum beats vibrate through my feet and out across the fields of tribal applause.

Sue, Charlie, Dave, Eva, Clare

Chorus of birds sign­al life that will re­turn.
Open windows welcome in their song,
Very sweet, very soft melodies.
If I could leave, I wouldn’t,
despite the desire to be gone.

Marion, Barbara B, Tony, Gill, Stewart

Clear empty skies, garages, greenhouses, veg beds, sheds,cupboards. Fridges!
Tired now.
One has time to sit, reflect, reminisce, comtemplate. Look forward!
Vital to think deeply and rise above the fear.
In time we will emerge blinking into the bright sun, our sight restored.
Decontaminated, revitalised to live in a cleaner, changed world.

Clare, Tam, Jeff, Barbara, Viv

Comedy is getting us through;
often helps when you’re feeling blue.
Very funny stories making me giggle.
I look up at the trees and see them change day by day.
Dawn, dusk, day – changes, challenges, nothing quite the same.

Charlie, Dave, Hannah/Eva, Clare, Tam

Colours of the rainbow in the windows
One day at a time, living the now.
Variety – old and new routines, open to change.
Invincible for many but not all
Daring walks and doorstep cheers sustain us now.

Hannah/Eva, Clare, Tam, Jeff, Barbara
Carry on clapping with all your might
obediently adhering to the rules we are given.
Vacant streets and empty shelves confront us.
In the early hours, an owl.  A new day.
Don’t despair. Make your mind fly.

Viv, Marion Barbara H, Tony, Gill

Cautiously we move into the cleansed new world,
our hopes and aspira­tions dulled
virtually but not in­consolably.​
I lie under the apple tree and think.
Visions of something better form against the blue sky.

Barbara, Jeff, Tony, Gill, Stew

Children languish, focus gone
our days lengthen and merge like wax in the sun,
vista of a world you never knew
in all your life, but feared.
Despite this, raindrops on the dark pool sound like laughter.

Jeff, Barbara, Tony, Gill, Sue

China comes to town, we resist playing host
Onward, unwelcome, invading, conquering our land,
Virus invisible and maybe invincible, we’re in its thrall.
In science we trust, comrades.  In trust we move on.
Demands our wisdom will flourish this Spring.

Dave, Viv, Tony, Sue, Gill

Clear, calm streets aid my passage.
Others make way with fear.
Vulnerable they call us now, spent and dispensable.
I refuse to be governed by stupidity and ignorance!
Do, act, dance – demand life!

Tam, Jeff, Barbara, Tony, Gill


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