Letter from Alice Maud Baker to her parents

My dear Mother and Father,

I am writing to you from my little room at the very top of the house. I am sorry you have not received a letter sooner but we have been very recently getting ready for the visit by King Edward next month. You would not believe how much there is to do, what with getting Master Ralph, the young squire, ready for the great day and, of course his sisters, Miss Daphne and Miss Viola.

Every morning I rise at four thirty and dress in my uniform. I’m sure you would be very proud of me. I have to be so careful when blacking the grates and laying and lighting all the fires in the family’s bedrooms, lest I get dirt on it. Nanny inspects us regularly and, believe me, Mother, woe betide any of us who has so much as a tiny mark on our clothes.

I do miss you all, even though Kingston lacy is a beautiful grand old house almost like a palace. I still yearn for our cottage sometimes. There are so many rooms here and the park land seems to stretch on and on for ever. Every time I look out of my window I think about all those stories you used to tell me about the old times. The Roman road is only a stone’s throw from here and the medieval Manor Court is also nearby.

When the evening mist settles over the grass and the trees, it is easy to imagine those days gone by. I wonder if life was easier then…..


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