Lyrics of Look at the Fish: a Song from Source

Look at the Fish

by Tony Horitz
(Song developed for Source from WCT created myth)

Our frozen river sparkled
That February afternoon
Sunshine softening the
Slap of wind on cheeks.

Johnny footed the ice first,
Though smallest and youngest,
We older ones stepped
After him. Slowly.

As he reached the centre
We heard something stir.
“Like wire snapping”, Thomas said,
But not ’til later. And

Johnny called “Look at the fish!”
We saw them. Unmoving. Frozen.
“Come closer! Come see!” and
Stamped with his little boot. Twice.

As the ice broke,
Johnny said nothing.
Slipped into the river
And was gone.

We stood and stared,
Bones rattling, ’til
Darkness brought adults,
Shouting from the bank.

Later, we heard the granfers
Say it was the river sprites
Pulled Johnny down. And
All would be well now.

Thomas said they was daft.
I often dream of Johnny
Swimming with the Stour fish,
His mouth wide open.

But I can’t hear what he says.

© copyright words Tony Horitz 5 March 2010/music Peter Aston 2010


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