Millstream joins WCT for Museum project

Millstream joins WCT for Museum project

Millstream actors recording with Adrian Newton

Millstream Theatre, based at Priest’s House Museum, has joined WCT for its forthcoming site-specific promenade theatre event, ‘Echoes of the Past’.

Members of Millstream are busy rehearsing for their roles as servants and shop-keepers in a scene staged in the Victorian Kitchen which will feature a mysterious encounter between two people who worked in the building while it was still a residence –  Hannah Bartlett, servant to the Low Family in the 19th century, and Ralph Lowles, shop assistant at the Ironmongery run by the Coles family for much of the 20th century.

Millstream meet regularly at PHM, and the group is facilitated by Tam Gilbert, of Persuasion Arts, and Tony HoritzState of Play Arts.


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