The Naiad takes part in Wimborne War on Waste Street Party

The Naiad takes part in Wimborne War on Waste Street Party

WCT’s giant-puppet takes to the streets at Wimborne War on Waste’s Street Party Saturday 22 September in the centre of Wimborne

WWOW organizers have invited WCT to provide a short dramatic provocation, flagging up the key issue of the global environmental threat caused by single use plastics. So we’re ‘waking up’ the Naiad, the giant puppet first seen last summer emerging from the ancient pond in Leigh Common in our production ‘By The Way’.

The Naiad’s new role is as another Giant, based on the popular storybook of the same name by Charles and Julia Snape. The giant who has lived for many years as a hill above a fictional town in the countryside near the sea, offering people shade, shelter, fruit and flowers, as well as a special place to play safely. But she grows fed up of them taking her for granted, digging holes in her and dumping their rubbish on her, and, one night, gets up and walks away into the nearby sea. The people are horrified and try to persuade her to come back but she won’t until they make it clear how they will change their ways.

The Naiad will be accompanied by live music and a short exchange of dialogue which WCT will act out in the Square at 2pm. This will be followed by a procession to the Minster Green, where members of the public will be able to stop by our craft stall (staffed mainly by Clare and Hannah) and make their own mini puppets to fly around the giant. We hope to end with another short celebratory, procession around the Green.

The Naiad was designed and made from recycled materials by WCT members Clare and Hannah Small, assisted by others.

Contact Tony Horitz (0758 4163 876)  if you want to get involved, acting or playing an instrument.

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