Productions Archive

Wimborne Community Theatre has been creating original theatre in unusual places around East Dorset since 1991.  Here you can find out more about each production and delve into our developing archive of photographs, images, sound and video.

This website strives to capture Wimborne Community Theatre’s cultural heritage. It aims to share it with the individuals and communities that created it and, with anyone interested in how community theatre engages audience and performers with an awareness of ‘the spirit of place’ and the sense of histories played out in a landscape.

If you were once a member of Wimborne Community Theatre, we’d love to hear from you.

To use the timeline above: simply place your mouse over the timeline area, before clicking (holding the button down) and moving your mouse left or right to drag the years forwards or backwards. When you see a production you’d like to explore, drop the timeline (release the mouse button) and click on the production’s label on the timeline. You will see the information above the timeline change to your production selection and you can view more archive materials about this production by clicking on the blue writing next to and below the image. You can also use the black arrows in the section above the timeline to explore the productions in chronological order.

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