Bare Bones, 2003

Bare Bones posterSynopsis

A play of past, present and future stories, combining a walk, entertainment and a gentle pilgrimage to one of the most historic and beautiful hills in Dorset.

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About the production

The production was researched and devised by the group, and the script was written by Tony Horitz, with additional material by Gill Horitz, Jonathan Kelley, Mark Pritchard, theatre members. The group worked with Child Okeford Half Term Holiday Youth Drama workshop in creating this production. Original song and music was by Mark Pritchard and Alice Montgomery.

Through movement, words and music the hill’s history was brought to life by a 30 strong cast. The story was told though the stories of the hill’s archetypes – monster, fool, soldier and poet – the scenarios varied from ancient burials to the play of Celtic children and the use of the hill by the Romans, Cromwell and General Wolfe. The natural amphitheatre created by earthworks provided a stunning setting for this open-air performance.

Anon said, ‘I liked the joy of the children, the history, poetry and the view.’

Linda Kirkman, Daily Echo said, ‘If only school history lessons had had the reality and enjoyment of this fascinating and extremely well put together production.’

Anon said, ‘Over the years I have reviewed performances in mainstream theatres, village halls, local parks and country house grounds.  Never until now have I had to do so after climbing one of the steepest hills in Dorset – a brisk 30 minutes trek.  But it was worth every step of the way.’

Archive materials

The following items from Bare Bones have been stored in our materials archive. Click here to view.

  1. Programme
  2. Newspaper clippings from the press
  3. Poster
  4. T S Eliot poem used in the production
  5. Song lyrics from the production
  6. Script
  7. Outline of Scenes
  8. Photos of the production
  9. Video