By Hook Or By Crook Archive Materials

The collections below are materials from the ‘By Hook Or By Crook’ production in 2004. View the production’s page here.





PressNewspaper clippings from the press



View photos of the production

View photos of rehearsals

View photos of Holt Wood

MusicSongs from the production

Original songs written by Gill Horitz from WCT and Helen Porter, Musical Director.

View   Song lyrics:  Down in the Wood, Enter a Wood, Monmouth and the King, Forest Boundaries, By Hook or By Crook

St James First School Songs written in workshops with Helen Porter.

View   Song lyrics:  If Trees Could Talk, A Mean Old Fellow

©  All songs are copyright of Helen Porter and Wimborne Community Theatre


View the script of By Hook or By Crook as a PDF

© copyright of Wimborne Community Theatre


1.  The final evening performance of the play in Holt Forest in the dusk.

2.  Afternoon performance in very different light.

3.  The complete play in performance on a July evening.

4.  By Hook or By Crook Education CD – a resource for schools

Sound files

Play all soundtracks from the production, illustrating the process involved in creating the play with individual scenes and links between each scene:

Individual Soundtracks:

  1. Interview with local residents, including Ian Nicholl from English Nature and Leonard Hiscock, born in 1914, and a resident of Holt Wood all his life.
  2. Tony Horitz, WCT Director, explores Holt Wood for sounds and locations with the children, artists and Ian Nicholl from English Nature. Rehearsal of the children’s scene. Warm up for the first performance. Snatches of songs.
  3. Scene 3 and linking soundscape to Scene 4.   Song: Forest Boundaries. Scene 3: The Stately Oak.  Sounds from the wood as the audience moves to the next scene: children playing, shouts of the lost rider etc.
  4. Scene 8:  Reunion and Finale Song: By Hook or By Crook
  5. The audience‘s chatter dies away as they leave the wood leaving only the sounds of night birds.
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