Enquire Within (1) Archive Materials


The collections below are materials from Enquire Within (1) production in 2002. View the production’s page here.


The programmes listed all those involved in the production, as well as some background information on the project.

View  Programmes for 13-15 December 2001 for the opening of Allendale House and for 2 and 8 June 2002 for the Queen’s Jubilee and Wimborne Folk Festival.

PressNewspaper clippings from the press

View  A very positive review from the Bournemouth Daily Echo and an article promoting the production in the Wimborne Magazine.

EvaluationEvaluation report

View   A compilation of the responses of the audience.


Photos in the archive are from the 2007 production: House.
View   Production and rehearsal photos
View   Photos of the show

Enquire Within 1 posterPoster



Lyrics of original songs from the 2002 production written by Graham Moore, Musical Director, and members of WCT.

ViewCaptain Swing, The Threshing Machine, Enquire Within

© All songs are copyright of Graham Moore and Wimborne Community Theatre

Script 3Scripts

View   the script of Enquire Within 1 as a PDF with alternative endings for 2001 and 2002 productions

© copyright of Wimborne Community Theatre

View   the script of The Mummers’ Play as a PDF

ResearchResearch, Planning & Process Notes

View  Allendale House Project – early ideas on performance based on research into the history of the house

View   information about the history of Allendale House, its construction and the social context nationally and locally.

View  Allendale House – its history in a Timeline

View  list of proposed Audio-Visual effects scene by scene.

View  planning notes on research and ideas for the school scene.

View  outline including drafts of speeches and dialogue for the Railway Scene.


1.  2002:  House.  Short video of members of the group working on themes from Enquire Within at a weekend workshop on audio-visual techniques at PVA, Bridport.

2.  2002:  Video of the complete performance of Enquire Within: from Banks and Railways to the World Wide Web at Allendale House, Wimborne.

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