Grist To The Mill, 2005

Grist to the Mill posterSynopsis

Make of our game
Just what you will
But let these three
Go through the mill.
When they’ve seen the daily grind
I wonder what else they will find?

The grain goes up
The flour comes down
And so the world goes round and round!

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About the production

A play set in and around White Mill, revealing local folk stories and facts, including the story of the Knowlton Bell and the Shapwick Monster, and H S Joyce’s account of his life at White Mill in the 19th Century.

Anon said, ‘It brought together all ages and backgrounds to work for a common goal which in turn must have the effect of bringing the community close together by having something that they can all be proud of.  It also offers a theatrical experience to those who might not have the opportunity elsewhere both for the actors and the audience.  And it brings places to life.

Archive materials

The following items from Grist to the Mill have been stored in our materials archive. Click here to view.

  1. Programme
  2. Newspaper clippings from the press
  3. Audience evaluations
  4. Poster
  5. Research – ideas for stories and characters
  6. Photos of the production
  7. Scripts
  8. Production Video