Otter Archive Materials

The collections below are materials from Otter production in 2001. View the production’s page here.


The programmes listed all those involved in the production, as well as some background information on the Confluence project and the words of the songs.


View the programme for the Wimborne Minster performance.

View the programme for the Guildford Cathedral performance

PressNewspaper clippings from the press

View   The project received wide press coverage in the area of the River Stour.


View   Posters for the original production of Otter at Wimborne Minster in March and the performance in Guildford Cathedral in April.

 Correspondence between WCT and Common Ground

Letters from Tuppy Hill (WCT) and Helen Porter (Common Ground) highlight the working partnership developed.
Letter of appreciation from WCT
Common Ground’s response.

MemoriesStreets Meadow memories

View  Residents of Streets Meadow Nursing Home relived their childhood memories of otters in interviews with members of WCT.  Some of their words were used in the songs written by members of the group.

 OtterOtter – a poem by Paul Hyland


© copyright of Paul Hyland


View an early version of the script with spoken narrative as a PDF.

© copyright of The Confluence Project & Wimborne Community Theatre


LyricsLyrics of “Otter; Lutra Lutra on the Stour”

View   Words of the songs written by members of Wimborne Community Theatre.

© copyright of Wimborne Community Theatre

Sounds from the concert

Songs and poems from Otter in performance.

Track 1 Otter World: Lutra, Lutra – a poem by Paul Hyland read by Tony & Gill Horitz
Track 2 The Earl’s Ditty
Track 3 We Lived by a Stream
Track 4 No Sighting
Track 5 Otter – a poem by Paul Hyland read by Sammy Upton
Track 6 Otter Returns
Track 7 Mink Gangsters (Allenbourn Middle School Choir)
Track 8 Names I Remember
Track 9 Dotty & Betty & Hilda & Me
Track 10 Once a Girl Glimpsed
Track 11 Voice of Woman
Track 12 Letter Home: Dearest Emm – written and read by Adrian Williams


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