Rings of Change (1 and 2), 1994

Rings of Change posterSynopsis

A collage of stories from Neolithic, Christian and Medieval times, performed at Knowlton Church and Earthworks in April 1994, and October 1994 as part of Wimborne Arts Festival.

‘How many tales are spinning here
Spinning in Knowlton’s ancient round?
Records of life and death revolve,
In grooves of chalk and turf they sound.

See photos of the production here

About the production

The play was written by Tony Horitz, Gill Horitz, Daniel Parker and Adrian Williams.


Vanessa Bennett said, I saw the Rings of Change show and liked it immensely.  There’s something magic about outdoor performances. . . and the lanterns and circle dancing (and food) all helped to make it a special evening.

I was inspired by your production to read the thesis on Knowlton which is kept on reference in Wimborne Library. . .

Archive materials

The following items from Rings of Change 1 and 2 have been stored in our materials archive. Click here to view.

  1. Programmes from April and October
  2. Newspaper clippings and quotations from the press
  3. Poster
  4. Song Lyrics – Rings of Change
  5. Scripts
  6. Photos of the productions
  7. Production video