Riotous Living Archive Materials

The collections below are materials from the Riotous Living production in 1992. View the production’s page here.


View  The programme listed all those involved in the production, as well as a short synopsis of the play and some background information on the project.

PressNewspaper clippings from the press

View   Making a stir in the press:  published articles covered the re-living of the history to how children and the community were brought together by the project.

CostumeCostume designs

View   Jan Hart designed the costumes for the production.

Kids DrawingsSchool drawings


Children from St Mary’s First School showed their appreciation of being involved in the production with drawings of the agricultural workers of the time and the threshing machines which changed their lives.

PhotosPhotos of Riotous Living artists

View   Photos by Paul Allen and Colin Hoare.

ReportRiotous Living Report

View  A report evaluating the project: On a cross-arts initiative involving the local community.  Photos by Paul Allen and Colin Hoare.



Original Songs

Lyrics of original songs for the production.

View   Captain Swing, Naming of Names

© All songs are copyright of Wimborne Community Theatre

MusicTraditional Songs

Music and lyrics of traditional songs for the production.

The Labouring Man, Hard Times of Old EnglandWork A-way Joe


1.  The complete play.

2. Video extracts from the play with informal behind-the-scenes footage before and after the performance, including work on the outdoor sculptures and costumes, the cast relaxing and notes from Tony Horitz, the artistic director.

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