Tale of Hours Archive Materials

The collections below are materials from the Tale of Hours production in 1993. View the production’s page here.


View   The programme listed all those involved in the production, as well as a short synopsis of the play and some background information on the project.

Tale Of Hours posterPoster



 PressNewspaper clippings from the press

View   Published articles covered topics from the re-living of history to how children and the community were brought together by the project.

LetterLetter from Revd Canon David R. Price

View   The setting for much of the play was in and around the Minster church at Wimborne. The Revd. Canon David R Price was Rector of Wimborne Minster at the time.

Sculpture Information on the Sculpture of St. Lioba

View   The sculpture of St Lioba used in the production, was created by visual artist Caitlin Easterby from Red Earth with Reuben Hart and Karina Horitz.


Lyrics of songs written for the production

View   We are the Future, The Smugglers’ Song, The Mason’s Song, The Nobles’ Chant

©  All songs are copyright of Wimborne Community Theatre


1. Copying Architecture in an Old Minster
View A poem by Thomas Hardy and inspiration for the title of the play and for the notables scene.
2. Tombs and Memorials in Wimborne Minster
View Character notes on the notables featured in the play.

PhotosPhotos of the artists

View   Photos by Paul Allen and Colin Hoare.


View   extracts from the script of A Tale of Hours as a PDF

© copyright of Wimborne Community Theatre


1.  Short extract from Scene 6:  Ship of Memory.  Jack and the Quarterjack climb into the pulpit of Wimborne Minster and reflect on what they have seen on their adventures.  Lioba’s ship is carried down the aisle out on to the Minster Green.

2.  BBC children’s programme Bitsa presented by environmental artists, Simon Pascoe and Caitlin Easterby from Red Earth, who produced the artwork for the play.  The programme features children from Wimborne First School working on the artefacts for the Smugglers’ Scene and the artists building the arch and constructing Lioba’s ship for the play.  These are then shown in extracts from the production.

3.  Preparation – informal scenes of the cast assembling as the finishing touches are put to the environmental structures on the Minster Green.                                                                                   The second part of the video shows Scene 1: Time on the Minster Green.  The procession of characters enters singing and the Quarterjack introduces Jack and his Granny.  The adventure begins.

4.  Scene 2:  At the Secret Meeting Place.  Isaac Gulliver’s smugglers meet to share out the latest haul of contraband, featuring children from Wimborne First School.




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