The Great Rinsing Archive Materials

The collections below are materials from ‘The Great Rinsing’ production at Wimborne’s Pump House, in 2011. View the production’s page here.






Exploring the building, Performance, Underground Shrines, Making a Fish, Sounds


View   by Jonathan Petherbridge, Artistic Director of the London Bubble Theatre.

©  copyright of Jonathan Petherbridge

MusicSongs –  Lyrics and Music

View   Music & Lyrics of  The Calling Song, Baptism, Water Round, Bore Hole

View   Lyrics of The Calling Song

Lyrics by Gill Horitz, Music by Karen Wimhurst

©  copyright of Karen Wimhurst & Wimborne Community Theatre

ProgrammeMemories of Water

The audience were invited to listen to recorded memories through industrial pipes in Scene 2: Memory

View  Words from the pipes

TGR BlogDevelopment

Research Notes   View   Notes on the Rivers and Waterworks of Wimborne

Blog   Link    As the project developed members of the group shared ideas and impressions through an online blog.

Design Sketches     View    Sketches for scenes by Pip Nash, Theatre Designer


Video 1: ‘The Great Rinsing: Angler Film’ by Dan Horitz, shown in Scene 2 – Memory; (Words by Jonathan Petherbridge, Voice of Water: Dan Copeland)

Video 2: ‘The Great Rinsing’ – full length, filmed and edited by Martin Coyne


1. Original sound design for the production by Rob Hart.
© copyright of Rob Hart

The Great Rinsing Soundtracks:
1. Atmospheric tones transitioning to rushing water
2. Machine sounds combined with dripping and flowing water. Used as the pulley opens the door for the audience to enter the pipe room in Scene 2: Memory.
3. Flowing water
4. Radio static and resonant pipes. Used as the soundtrack to the Angler’s film “Voice of Water” in Scene 2: Memory.
5. Glass smashing and crunching – atmosphere. Used as the last bottle of water drops in Scene 3: The Tribe.
6. Industrial machine atmospheric sound. Used as background sound in Scene 2: Memory.
7. Rhythmic cracking melting ice into flowing water. Used in Scene 1: The Museum.
8. Whirring glitchy machine noises. Used to accompany the hologram movements in Scene 1: The Museum.

Listen to the playlist of these sounds:

2.  Choral piece sung by the borehole as the creature is hoisted up in Scene 1: The Museum, recorded at the Pump House, Wimborne, by Adrian Newton.

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