The Kangaroo and The Tulip Tree Archive Materials

The collections below are materials from The Kangaroo and The Tulip Tree production in 1997. View the production’s page here.


View   The programme listed all those involved in the production, as well as a short synopsis of the play and some background information on the project.




View      Photographs of the performance.

Music  Songs

Lyrics of original songs from the production.

View   Ring of Harts; The Kangaroo and the Tulip Tree

©  All songs are copyright of Graham Moore, Musical Director, and Wimborne Community Theatre


View an early draft for an outline of scenes as a PDF

View the script of the play as a PDF

© copyright of Wimborne Community Theatre

kangarooDeveloping the Script

View research and notes on sculptors Elizabeth Frink and Nicola Hicks

View group workshop ideas edited for the final script


The play in performance at Dean’s Court, Wimborne, including informal footage of the cast and audience and the cast warm-up.



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