Voyages (1) Archive Materials

The collections below are materials from the Voyages (1) production in 1991. View the production’s page here.

voyages posterPoster




View   The programme listed all those involved in the production, as well as a short synopsis of the play and some background information on the project.

PressNewspaper clippings from the press

View   Making a stir in the press: published articles covered the re-living of the history to how children and the community were brought together by the project.

CostumesCostume Designs

View   Jan Hart designed the costumes for the production.

SchoolSchool Drawings

View   Colehill First School students drew the play’s storyline.


Production and rehearsal photographs.  Photos of the production by William Albert Sims and others by Paul Allen and Colin Hoare.
View photos of the artists or View the production photos.

Kingston lacyResearch into Stories

Read some of the materials created from research and used in the production.

View   Thirteenth Century Moot Court Records

View   Letter from Alice Maud Baker to her parents, created from research.

View   Dorsetshire Folk Lore.

View   The Story of Alicia Payntere and Agnesse Abbott:  1232 A.D.

View    Legends of the Magic Stone by Colehill First School and Pamphill First School

SongSongs – lyrics by Gill Horitz and members of WCT, music by David Carter

View   Lyrics for Voyages, When the King Came to Tea, Alice Maud Baker’s Song, Listen, Song of Names, Song of Stone (Precious Stone)

View original music by David Carter for Song of Names, Listen

©  Songs Wimborne Community Theatre, Music David Carter


View   the script of Voyages as a PDF

© copyright of Wimborne Community Theatre


1.  1991: The Launch of Voyages and of WCT.  Members of the Community Group perform a short scene and the project is introduced in speeches from Alan Wilson, Director of East Dorset Heritage Trust, Barbara Webber and David Smith from the National Trust and Tony and Gill Horitz from WCT.

2.  1991 Production:  The complete play followed by the exhibition of work by Colehill and Pamphill First Schools.

3.  1991:  A short documentary about Voyages with commentary from Gill Horitz, outlining the research and process involved, illustrated by extracts from the play.

4.  1991 Production:  Process and preparation work. Pupils from Colehill First School and Queen Elizabeth’s School work on the Veneti scene in school and on site at Kingston Lacy.  Pupils from Pamphill First School tour the house and grounds at Kingston Lacy with environmental artist, Julian Davies, and work on the environmental sculptures.

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