Voyages (2) Archive Materials

The collections below are materials from the Voyages (2) production in 1996. View the production’s page here.

LetterLetter from a member of the audience

View      A letter of appreciation written by a member of the audience.

PressNewspaper clippings from the press

View   The production received a lot of press coverage, particularly about the historical scope of the production and the range of people involved.




View   The programme listed all those involved in the production, as well as a short synopsis of the play and some background information on the project.

ArtistsPhotos of the artists


SongMusic score for songs from the production

View   The music for 2 original songs composed for the production: Song of Names, Listen

© Music copyright of David Carter

Kingston lacyResearch into Stories

Read some of the materials created from research and used in the production.

View   Thirteenth Century Moot Court Records

View   Letter from Alice Maud Baker to her parents

View   Dorsetshire Folk Lore

View   The Story of Alicia Payntere and Agnesse Abbott: 1232

SongSongs – lyrics by Gill Horitz and members of WCT

View   Voyages, When the King Came to Tea, Alice Maud Baker’s Song, Listen, Song of Names, Song of Stone (Precious Stone)

© All songs are copyright of Wimborne Community Theatre


View   the script of Voyages as a PDF adapted from the original script for the 1991 production

© copyright of Wimborne Community Theatre


1.  1996 Production: One hour edited version of Voyages by Howard Webber of the National Trust.

2.  1996 Production:  The complete play followed by the exhibition of WCT productions and of work by Ferndown and Pamphill First Schools.

3.  Scenes 1 – 4 of Voyages 1996 in performance.
Scene 1: By the Stables. Scene 2:  In Front of the House. Scene 3: Under the Horse Chestnut Tree. Scene 4: The Veneti and the Durotriges.

4.  1996 Production:  Children from Ferndown and Pamphill First Schools perform the story of the Veneti and the Durotriges.

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