Where the Waters Meet, 1994

Where The Waters Meet posterSynopsis

The play, set in and around Christchurch Priory, shows what surprises are in store for a grandfather and his two grandchildren when they get carried away play-acting on Castle Hill.

Rebecca gets lost in the past and her brother and grandfather set out on a watery quest to find her, accompanied by the audience, led by an array of historical characters, including a mysterious woman captain from the Civil War and the Salmon King.

On the way, they see children in 1940 visiting the Priory with their teacher Miss Little, as recorded in the Christchurch Infants School Log Book.

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About the production

The play was performed as part of the ‘Christchurch 900’ celebrations. Children from The Priory and Christchurch Junior Schools portrayed the mystery surrounding the building of The Priory and students from Twynham School got embroiled in some strange medieval goings-on involving corruption over the collapse of the Central Tower in 1420.

Carol Ward said, ‘What a wonderful experience for the children, they obviously thoroughly enjoyed themselves last night.  It was so well acted that it made the audience feel part of the scene.’

Richard and Lindsey Stevenson said, ‘We lent you our seven year old and you gave us back a boy with heightened self-esteem greater confidence and one who has learnt much about the history of his town.  He so enjoyed each rehearsal and positively glowed with the pleasure of each performance. . . We have lived in Christchurch all our lives and it made us feel proud of the town we know and love and, and also very proud that our son was involved in such a worthwhile project to celebrate 900 years of the Priory.’

Archive materials

The following items from Where The Waters Meet have been stored in our materials archive. Click here to view.

  1. Programme
  2. Letter from Richard and Lindsey Stevenson (parents of a child in the cast)
  3. Poster
  4. Song lyrics and sheet music from the production
  5. Script – Outline of School Scenes (Scenes 2 & 4)
  6. Photos of the production
  7. Video