NARRATOR:   Many, many years ago, Sun and Water were great friends and lived together on earth.

Sun, Moon and Water enter and bow

SUN:  That’s me!

NARRATOR:  Sun visited Water very often, but Water never went to visit his friend Sun. This happened for such a long time, that finally Sun said,

SUN:   I realized that we always come and visit you, while you never came to our house. Why is that?

WATER:   All right.

NARRATOR:   Water said,

WATER:   The point is not that I don’t want to visit you. But the problem is that your house is not big enough for me. If I came and visited you with all my family, I will end up pushing you away from your own house.

SUN:   We understand.

NARRATOR:   Sun said,

SUN:   But anyway, we still want you to come and visit us.

WATER:   Well,

NARRATOR:   Answered Water,

WATER:   If you want me to come and visit you, I will. After all, you visited me so many times. But, in order to make this possible, you will have to build a very big garden; and it has to be very big, because we are many in my family, and we take lots of space.

SUN:   Don’t worry, we promise we will build you a garden big enough for you and your family to visit us.

NARRATOR:   The two friends were very happy. Sun went immediately to his house, where his bride Moon was waiting for him. Thus Sun explained to Moon the promise he had made to Water, and the day after he began to build an enormous garden to receive Water in.

SUN:   All done now – ready to receive you.

NARRATOR: When he finished building it, Sun told Water that he and his family were invited to his house. So the day after Water and his relatives, fish and water animals, knocked on the door of the house of Sun and Moon.


WATER:   Here we are!

NARRATOR:   Said the guest.

WATER:   Are you all ready? Can we enter without problems?

SUN:   You can enter whenever you want.

NARRATOR:   Answered Sun.

GROUP 1 ENTER (as water)

NARRATOR:   So Water began pouring in, inside the garden of Sun and Moon. In a few minutes the level of waters were as high as the knees of Sun and Moon, so the guest Water asked:

WATER:   Can we continue flowing? Is there enough space?

SUN:   (hesitantly) Sure there is, don’t worry.

NARRATOR:   Answered Sun.

SUN:   Come in, all those who want.


NARRATOR:   And Water went on flowing inside the garden, reaching the height of the head of a man.

WATER:   All right,

NARRATOR:   Said Water.

WATER:   Do you still want more of my relatives to enter?

NARRATOR:   Sun and Moon looked in their eyes, and agreed that there was nothing else to do, so they told Water to enter.


NARRATOR:   They had to climb up to the ceiling, for there was very little space above the water. Water asked again if they could continue pouring in, and Sun and Moon repeated that there was no problem, and the house filled up more and more. So much water entered in, that soon it exceeded the level of the ceiling, and Sun and Moon had to get out and climb into the sky, where they remain till today.




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