The Quarter Jack's Challenge and Christmas Challenge 2012 Archive Materials

The collections below are materials from The Quarter Jack’s Challenge production in June 2012 and The Quarter Jack’s Christmas Challenge production in December 2012. View the production’s page here.


View   The programme listed all those involved in the production, as well as a short synopsis of the play and some background information on the project.

QJC 2012 FlyerFlyer

View   The flyer publicising the show

Press QJC 2012Press

View   A press release was sent out to the local media.

View  The production was featured in an article in the Bournemouth Echo.


View   Photographs taken at the June 2012 performance


View the script of the June 2012 production of The Quarter Jack’s Challenge at Allendale House as a PDF – adapted from the original Millennium production in 1999.

View  the Allendale House version of the script of The Quarter Jack’s Christmas Challenge, December 2012 production  as a PDF.

View  the Priest’s House Museum version of the script of The Quarter Jack’s Christmas Challenge, December 2012 production as a PDF.

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MinsterCopying Architecture in an Old Minster

View  the full text of Thomas Hardy’s poem used in the production for the opening soundtrack.


Listen to the opening soundtrack of the play with Thomas Hardy’s poem and ticking clock.

Poem read by Jeff Hart
Sound Design by Rob Hart


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