Thirteenth Century Moot Court Records


The widow Alicia Payntere has been delivered to the court on the presentment of a case of witchery.

It has been presented that Widow Payntere did approach Agnesse Abbott, the wife of Ricardo Abbott, asking for milk for feeding her hungry children. The court hears that Widow Payntere has lost her husband, Pedro Payntere, about one year past and that she is left with seven children and that her own beast has given up milk. Because of the bad terms between the two women, Widow Payntere was denied milk and in anger she did curse Agnesse Abbott, her children and her beasts in words that did cause great fright and fear. It is also presented that within seven days of this happening the beasts of Agnesse Abbott became ill with a fever and did die. The evidence of several people from the tithing of Cougrove and others from without has been presented to the court and it has been found that a rightful justice is unclear and that by custom the court orders that the Widow Payntere does suffer an Ordeal of Fire and that she should be kept under the watch of the bailiffe and the constable who should present her for judgement in the appointed time.

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