Water: Journeys, Uses and Metaphors

Notes from Waterworks Workshop on 16th May

1. The Journey of a Drop of Water

Hot and cold air meet in a cloud
Condensation takes place
Rain falls on the hills
And gathers in a water table or spring
Into tributary
Then into Stour
Might be diverted into
Longham waterworks and treated
Then part of one of the four million gallons pumped into Wimborne.


It might find its way into the clean chalk waters of the Allen (nee Wim)
Down over the weir
To meet up with the different waters of the Stour

2. On the morning of 16th May we had used water in Wimborne for

shower – bath – washing up – washing floor – brushing teeth – watering plants – drinking squash – coffee – tea – watering greenhouse – washing machine – business – shaving – filling a bottle to drink cool water from later – peeling spuds and cabbages – washing windscreen – and giving the cat a drink

3. Water Metaphors

In hot Water
Choppy Waters
Turning on the Waterworks
Like Water through your fingers
Still Waters run deep
Going to a Watery grave
A bridge over troubled Waters
A Watertight case
Stormy Waters
Watering hole
Deep Water
Blood is thicker than Water
It won’t hold Water
To pour oil on troubled Waters
To keep ones head above Water
Of the first Water
Go through fire and Water
Cast ones bread upon the Waters
Like a fish out of Water
Enough to make ones mouth/eyes Water
A Watered down version
To spend money like Water
Treading Water
Walking on Water
Water, Water everywhere nor any drop to drink
As dull as ditch Water
To meet ones Waterloo


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